Round Table Notes 1/10/19


Financial Discipleship and Generosity 

Arlington Round Table Discussion Notes, 1/10/2019 

Our gracious host today: Cornerstone Baptist Church, Arlington.  Thank you Jan & Dawud! 

Facilitated by Compass – Finances God’s Way, 

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Members present at the Table: 

Mike Wierick 

Jeff Kirkpatrick 

Tony Adkison 

Brad Jack 

Dawud Mabon 

Jan Porter 

Charlie Sizemore 

Al McClaney  

Q.  How was giving last year compared to 2017 and what did you do differently? 

A.  1. We discussed how serves churches to analyze giving data. 

2. helps non-profits learn about the net-wealth of people in their congregation using public information and other organizations.  This is a great tool to identify people with high net worth but are not giving to their local church (but giving to other organizations). 


Someone shared about One Fund giving initiatives from Generis.  Income increased year over year by 35% for one of the churches at the table today! 


Everything is lumped into “one fund” with messaging, sermons for the lead pastor. 

Jan said First Baptist Church, Dallas, did a One Fund initiative. 

One Fund is about being passionate over the vision of your church including all facets of ministry. 

Congregants receive a pledge cared monthly to show where they have given vs. the pledge. 

Generis, the parent organization, uses the term, “Generosity Initiative” 

Congregants receive a card to fill out their income.  It shows them how to tithe. 

One Fund address funding the mission of the local church. 

Generis helps to identify buckets to designate where the money goes. 


Q. How do you give updates of initiatives included in “One Fund”? 

A. Showing videos in service and quarterly reports to families that participate in One Fund. 


Fielder Church tracks giving in 4 caterogies 

  1. General 

  1. Enterprise giving that pays for building space (like a school renting a building) 

  1. Designated giving 

  1. Unusual occurrences (over $50K from an individual) 


If there is an overage in giving, ½ goes to Momentum fund (missions) and ½ goes to debt retirement. 


Q. What are the best practices for fundraising in a new campus? 

A. Three Suggestions:  

1. Steve Stroop,from Lakepointe.  He gives 15 bullet points for best practices. 

2. RSI 

3. MacArthur’s group from Impact 


Q. What best practices should we apply to spend time with high capacity donors? 

A. There are several: 

  1. Annual Banquet – well communicated with these, top number of donors, by invitation only. 

  1. Casts the vision where you want to go and obtain their input. 

  1. Sr. Pastor and Exec. Pastors meet with high capacity donorsone-on-one and pray with them.  Take them to lunch and express appreciate after each significant gift.  Attempt to meet with them informally every-other month. 

  1. Enlisting them people to be an “on the ground” volunteer in ministries where they are passionate. 

  1. Send a card to the top ( % ) of givers and ask how they are going with their commitment. 

  1. Some universities are doing a better job of donor recruitment than our churches! 

  1. High capacity donors need to be pastored individually. 


Q. How are senior pastors speaking what they want FOR people, not just FROM them? 


  1. Put your YES (to God) on the table and be willing to do what He has calls you to do. 

  1. Don’t apologize for talking about money! 

  1. Four things people give to:   

  1. Your Mission with accountability – where it goes,  

  1. People are not inspired to give because the budget is behind,  

  1. People want to be a part of a winning organization.   

  1. A vision to back successful ministry activities. 

  1. Are we sharing stories of success?  Do we look like winners that people want to join? 

  1. Have show-and-tell of projects for high capacity donors, to visit building sites or participate in ministry. 


Next Meeting:  Thursday,  March 21, 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM. 

Fielder Church, Central Campus, Near Fielder and the 303 intersection.   

2011 S Fielder Rd, Arlington, TX 76013 

More Details to come! 

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