Round Table Notes 9/6/18


Arlington Roundtable Meeting 

September 6, 2018  

Location: First Baptist Church of Burleson, 317 W. Ellison, Burleson, TX 

Host: Christopher Cass, Executive Pastor – First Baptist Burleson 


  • Tony Adkison, Stewardship Advisory Group 

  • Al McClaney, St. Johns Baptist Church, Grand Prairie, TX 

  • Jan Porter, Cornerstone Church, Arlington, TX 

  • Karla Reese, Compass Texas and Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship 

Special thanks to Pastor Cass for hosting the roundtable and to Cathy Falls for providing a delicious lunch catered by Stone Soup Cafe. 

General discussion was held on the following topics: 

A few are experiencing a decline in attendance of stewardship classes. How do you get members to attend stewardship classes. The group discussed that you have to be sure to help members understand the “What’s in it for me? (WIIFM factor).  

Al McClaney mentioned that St. John’s is using materials from Joseph Sangle, I Was Broke, Now I’m Not.” 

Karla shared that OCBF uses several different curricula targeted to both age and gender from Compass-finances God’s Way, Good Sense and Ramsey Solutions.  

Pastor Cass provided background and an update on activities and direction at First Baptist Burleson (FBB): 

  • FBB has 3 styles of services targeted to specific audiences: Modern, Traditional, Hispanic for 2K members.  

  • The Stewardship committee is primarily focused on expense control and they are establishing a revenue creation team focused on Legacy giving. They are using a local specialist (APM) who has experience with foundations and endowment planning.  Tony Adkison also shared that his group has worked with many churches in this area as well.  

  • FBB is using systematic desensitization to facilitate change in key areas such as installing boxes for offerings but still passing the plate as they slowly move to online and or giving boxes only.   

  • They have reduced the number of Donor Restricted accounts from 114 to 10 to increase impact in key areas. Page Break 

Jan Porter shared one of his challenges is getting business owners to participate in stewardship.  Some ideas discussed:  

  • Deliver a workshop targeted to business owners that will help them do better in business. Consider leadership topics like Prestonwood Power Lunch for business owners, managers; First Baptist Dallas hosts a business luncheon.  

  • Gateway has a great model for their business ministry led by Steve Dulin which includes mentoring of business owners. 

  • Pastor Cass extended an invitation to the roundtable to participate in their upcoming Leadership Conference that will held on November 7-8 (Cost is $49). A similar workshop will be held in Dallas presented by Dr. Dan McMinn, Lead Well (cost $349)

Pastor Cass highlighted a church that shared with him that July was their highest giving month (many churches experience a summer slump).  They attributed the increase in giving to the quality of live streaming the services and the Push Pay app that is integrated into the live stream during the offering segment.  The app provides great features such as Geo fencing (notifications sent to people in the area to let them know services will be starting in 5 minutes, would you like to launch Live Stream; Chat rooms and text messaging can be done during services.  

Other Discussion:  

Book Recommendation: Canoeing the Mountains: Christian Leadership in Uncharted Territory 

Book by Tod Bolsinger 

Adaptive Leadership – disappointing your teams or people at a rate they can absorb.  

Baptist Churches can get support for Legacy giving through conventions such as Texas Baptist Foundation, High Ground, ?.  

Handout was distributed on Building a Stewardship Team  which was not discussed in detail.  

Next Meeting: January 10, 2019 at Cornerstone Baptist Church - 5415 Matlock Road - Arlington, TX 76018, 11:30 to 1:00 pm.  Lunch provided. 

Details to follow.  



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