Round Table Notes 5/23/19


Arlington 5-23-19 Notes 

Financial Discipleship and Generosity Round Table 

Agenda:  Serving the poor and needy locally 

At the Discussion Table Today: 

David Chase - (Our host), Lake Arlington Baptist Church. 

Cesar Oviedo & Josue Miranda, New Day Church 

Jim Burgin, Mission Arlington 

Tony Adkison, Certified Kingdom Advisor Sponsor 

Jeff Kirkpatrick, Rush Creek 

Jan Porter, Cornerstone 

Christopher Casa, FBC, Burleson 

Brian Swiggart, The Community at Lake Ridge 

Mike Wierick, Fielder Church 

Chandra Thompson, Arlington Life Shelter 

Brad Jack, Compass - Finances God’s Way, Texas 

Guest presenter: 

Arlington Life Shelter, serving Arlington and Grand Prairie. 

Chandra Thompson, 817- 548-9885. 

Chandra has a folder with local resources.  Ask Jim from Mission Arlington about the handout.   United Way gives them out. 

When was it updated?  Maybe annually. 

Check-in time for Arlington Life Shelter is 3:30 PM.  People can stay up to 6 months.  They need to be able to work and save money.   

Brad will survey:  Q. How can volunteers serve there?   

Q. What do you need or want from church members?   

A. Preparing emergency lunches, care packages. 

Serving the homeless population.  They have 75 beds.  They turn away 10 to 15 people daily.  These are not the people holding signs at intersections.  They come when they are in crisis, medical problems, loss of jobs, and are there because of a situation that they couldn’t control.   Many of their participants are people just like us.   They also see people coming by cab straight from the hospital after being discharged.   

Q. What is #1 need?   

A. It was previously more space, but expanding.  Now it is having supplies on hand to feed their participants.  Their location is on Division at N.L. Robinson Blvd.    

A. What is the process to get connected?   

A. First come first serve.  Always call before sending someone.  

She works with the Faith Community in Arlington, partnering with different churches and agencies. 

They offer mandatory classes Mon-Thu for participants in the evenings, staffed by volunteers. 

They have a meal every night served by volunteers.   

Q. Are they full scheduled out?   

A. There are over 1,800 volunteers serving 95,000 meals.   

Other groups serve on meals on Sat & Sun.  Meals are for Arlington Life Shelter participant only. 


Guest Presenter: 

Mission Arlington.  Jim Burgin, director. See handout from meeting.  His mom is Mrs. Tillie.  She founded it as a way of life.  They connect physical needs with the gospel.  Matthew 25:40. 

Brad will get number from the fact sheet.  Greatest need is phone volunteers to answer calls.  They are open every day except Christmas from early mornings to late at night. 

The emerg assist area is open 8:30-5:00 Mon-Fri. 

Arlington and Grand Prairie is the area served. 

No one is turned away for food requests.  550 people served daily with food and financial assistance, giving them 3-5 days supply of food. 

Normally serving 7 am to 7 pm.  They have 2,500 volunteers that serve each week.  They have a medical clinic with 34 doctors as a primary care facility.   

Q. What is the #1 sickness treated?  

A. Diabetes;  #2 is hypertension.  

They also do orthopedic and plastic surgery.  If someone doesn’t have money for cast removal, send them to Mission Arlington.  They also do limited surgeries through Baylor Orthopedics.   

Mission Arlington has 9,000 office visits per year in medical clinics.  Every person who comes in hears the gospel. 

52 Dentists serve.  They look for a one-week commitment to give 7 days per year, asking for dentists to serve, which will knocks off 3 months from the waiting list.   

Currently, on the 1st Monday each month, people can call in for the dental “lottery” to request a procedure.  Lord willing, they can take 50 patients each month, but have 500 requests per month.  Dentists normally bring their own team to serve with them. 

Rick, Jim’s brother, is the director of counseling at the center.  They have LPC’s that do counseling.  Debbie, Jim’s wife, does counseling appointments.   

They accept all donations and then separate and sort for suitability.  The volume of clothing they give away is about one 18-wheeler per day.  What they don’t give away locally they send internationally.  Mission Arlington is the main place for clothing.  They have a fleet of 80-90 trucks for receiving donations.   

They also provides furniture including set-up.  Who  else does furniture donations in the metroplex?  Often futniture can’t be delivered but if someone comes, they will give it to them. 

Arlington Life Shelter is sending everyone to Mission Arlington for clothing. 

Q. Do they do physical therapy?   

A. Yes.  They will accept PT’s to do work in their clinic.   

Q. What number to call to see if someone is in the system already?   

A. They have an ID number to go in and give a name of the requester using the HomelessManagmentInformationSystem “HMIS”. 

Contact for churches:  Jim Burgin a call at:  817-277-6620, Ext. 6143. 

Arlington Police has a specialist for the homeless. 

Q. How are pastors handling walk-ins?  

A. Rush Creek:  It depends on where they come.  Maybe they just want to talk to someone.  If they have a physical need, they send them to the compassion center.  If food, they can give them a bag of food.  They track everything that is provided and to whom served.   

LABC: has an internal benevolence program.  Often they refer to Mission Arlingon.   

Mission Arlington also coordinates with Mansfield Mission Center & Mansfield Care Clinic. 

Q.  What is the homeless / transient population?   

A. There are lots of college students or working families that experienced a crisis.  Arlington Housing Authority estimates the number at 1,000.  Part of the struggle in Arlington is the rising cost of housing. 

Q.  What about giving someone a ride?   

A.  Don’t provide rides to someone’s as a staff member.  Don’t put a stranger in your car.  Don’t put a stranger in your home.  You can call Uber for them! 

Q.  What about referring a temporary place to stay?   

A.  Refer them to Union Gospel Mission or Presbyterian Night shelter in Ft. Worth.  Most non-profits do not pay for a hotel room.  You don’t want to help them with drug locations and prostitution. 

Next Table Discussion  

Thursday, September 19.  11:30 - 1:00 PM.   

Jeff Kirkpatrick at Rush Creek is hosting.   

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