“Transforming lives through financial discipleship leading to a culture of generosity”

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“Your church can achieve a long-term culture of generosity. From multi-church round table discussions to coaching your staff and volunteer leaders, Compass Texas can help you select and implement best practices of financial discipleship to achieve your church’s unique vision and mission.”

If you're wondering how to get members of your church interested in serving in the area of Stewardship, download our FREE Guide on how to build your Stewardship Team.

Why Choose Compass Texas?

We have been involved in some form of Stewardship ministry for more than 2 decades. We have strategically selected the individuals that form part of our team in an effort to best serve churches and ministries in Texas.


We have helped  churches implement successful Stewardship programs and would love to assist you.

If you're in the DFW Metroplex, we would love to have your church join one of our Stewardship Round Table Groups where we network, problem solves, share Stewardship best practices and encourage one another.

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If you're new to Stewardship and the Concept of Generous Living or you have been involved in Stewardship ministry for any length of time, we hope to share some resources that will help you along this journey.

From time to time, we will be sharing video's, articles, guides, best practices and other Stewardship focused resources that have helped many achieve financial freedom.

Discover Our Services

We have a proven track records of helping local churches launch  successful and thriving Stewardship ministries.

We provide Stewardship coaching sessions on a one on one and group basis for churches of all sizes.

We share industry best practices on our resources page.

We facilitate Round Table Groups for churches in the DFW Metroplex.

Main Benefits of Biblical Stewardship

Pastors and their families will experience less financial stress

Pastors will be able to speak more freely and confidently about money

Church income increases to fund their specific vision and mission

Leaders are better equipped to make financially sound decisions

Marriages and families will be strengthened 

Individuals will experience a closer relationship with Christ and a conversion of their wallet

 Lyle Weber 



The principles taught by Compass has helped me both personally and in ministry and has resulted in me wanting to spread this life changing message wherever I go.

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