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From time to time, we will be sharing video's, articles, guides, best practices and other Stewardship focused resources that have helped many achieve financial freedom.

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Free Resources 

 We provide you with free access to best practices in the areas of

Generosity and Financial Stewardship

Loss of  Loved One Checklist

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On this Webinar we discuss several key considerations you should take into account regarding the cares act

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External Resources

 These are organization's that we approve of!

Compass - Finance God's Way

Compass is a worldwide non-profit interdenominational ministry that teaches people of all ages how to handle money based on the principles of the Bible.

Sound Mind Investing

They take the fear out of investing with objective, proven strategies that do-it-yourself investors can implement with confidence.

National Christian Foundation

National Christian Foundation is a US non-profit organization that assists donors in donating to charitable causes

The Generosity Kit

Do you ever wonder how you can be more generous with your time, money, and resources? Perhaps you feel overwhelmed about where to even begin. You may be thinking, “how can I give to others and still have enough to get by on my own?” The Generosity Kit was created to answer these questions and guide you on a step by step journey to a more generous life. 

Other Resources

Check back on a regular basis as we update our list of resources on a regular basis.

Other Resources

Check back on a regular basis as we update our list of resources on a regular basis.