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Money doesn’t have to be the 'taboo topic' in church.

Let us help you expand the money conversation.

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Great news! We’ve added a ton of brand new resources to help you make the money conversation in your church engaging, practical, and simple. Check out our library of digital guides such as:

and more!

Is talking about money in church...awkward?

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Many pastors struggle with how to talk to their congregation about money.

Has failure to teach your church God’s financial principles led to low church receipts causing financial stress?

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The benefits of talking about money & finances are clear.

Nearly every adult on the planet uses some form of money every day. Are you looking for relevant and timely sermon material? Do you want to touch something that takes up the time of every adult in your church community? Then share God’s ideas on money. There are 2,350 verses on the topic.

The money conversation is more important now than ever.

  • 1 out of 4 of Americans say they don’t have anyone they can ask for trusted financial guidance.
  • 17% of American adults are worried about retiring without having set aside enough money.
  • 60% of American adults have credit card debt, with millennials having the most debt of any generation.
(Source: Annuity.com, 2023)
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What if talking about money in church wasn’t so hard?

Need an icebreaker? We’re here to help you kickstart the conversation!

Maximizing Stewardship provides the resourcesbest practices, and consulting based on Biblical stewardship principles  in order to transform the church into thriving, financially solid, generous people of God.

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Financial discipleship for everyone.

Maximizing Stewardship will help you establish a sustainable stewardship ministry that’s just right for your church.

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Share the vision with your people and what God’s word has to say about money. Get them excited for the positive transformation that financial discipleship can bring!


Equip your congregation with wisdom on practical financial living for all age groups. You can use groups, classes, and seminars to disciple every financial demographic.


Create a culture of generosity and accountability that builds trust with your congregation over time. Develop a solid financial strategy that grows along with your church.


Spread the joy! Establish and communicate goals to become a financially healthy church. Share testimonies to encourage one another on the journey!

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Want to help us equip church leaders to teach financial discipleship?

Are you passionate about getting resources to leaders to help them teach financial stewardship and create a culture of generosity in the church?

Partner with Maximizing Stewardship and help us extend our reach to churches across America and even globally into other languages!