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Maximizing Stewardship Book Series

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Four Book Series
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Want to start a stewardship ministry in your church?
How to Start the Money Conversation in Your Church is the quick start guide with a story. Next in the series is How to Connect Stewardship Ministry with People of All Financial Demographics in Your Church, sharing special considerations of benevolence ministry on one end to inspiring the gift of giving on the other end. Up next in the series is How to Teach People of All Ages About Money in Your Church. You may have noticed that different generations have a different outlook on wealth and possessions. And the million dollar question, How to Establish a Sustainable Culture of Stewardship and Generosity In Your Church. Each booklet tells a story that can be lived out in a church of any size, packed with practical resources.


Watch sermons that teach the foundational elements of stewardship.


A list of curriculum and group studies on Biblical financial discipleship.

Materials for a four-part estate planning course that covers multiple topics such as wills, probate, trusts, life insurance, and inheritances.

Questions to coach couples in pre-marital counseling on discussing their views on money.

A list of video-driven resources on Biblical principles on finances and stewardship that can be used for a one-hour class.

Suggested ways to teach financial stewardship at your church, as well as example curriculum for each type.

Financial coaches who serve on your ministry team need additional training; here is a list of comprehensive training courses and their approximate pricing.

Organized by kids & students, young adults, middle age, and senior adults.


Some practical and reasonable financial policies for church governance and transparency.

This resource lists the criteria a bank or lender will consider when your church applies for a loan.

The core elements of building a successful stewardship team of volunteers.

What to do if you suspect fraud or embezzlement. Also some suggested internal controls or policies to guard against fraud.


How to celebrate wins and inspire your people to continue pursuing a culture of generosity!

How to express gratitude and build genuine relationships with your donors and supporters.


Looking to serve your local community with a benevolence ministry? Here are some points to consider.

A deeper look at some of the beneficiary qualifiers and policies around gift cards when developing a benevolence ministry.

Sixty-four scripture references about loving the poor among us.

A helpful checklist of actions to take regarding the finances of a loved one recently deceased. The guide has three parts: immediate actions, actions after the death certificate arrives, and actions 4-6 weeks after passing.